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Founder, Naples International Film Festival

Eric birthed the Naples International Film Festival, serving as Executive Director its inaugural year in 2009, then the Fort Myers Film Festival the following year, also serving as the Executive Director. The festivals featured award-winning international films, including The Cove, which afterwards went on to win an Oscar raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for the cities of Naples and Fort Myers, winning awards like 'best festival in town,' unifying the artistic film community and securing both as a must festivals to watch and attend.


Founder & Executive Director Fort Myers International Film Festival

Raddatz then decided to start The Fort Myers Film Festival, established in 2010 to cater to the artistically inclined population living in Lee County. Raddatz was persuaded after many saw what gift Naples was given. The Fort Myers Film Festival was an overwhelming success uniting Lee’s artistic community and taking place at the luxurious Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center, Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall, Imaginarium, Alliance for the Arts and Broadway Palm Dinner Theatre in Fort Myers. He hosts T.G.I.M. an indie film show in Fort Myers.


About TGIM

""It is too exciting for words just what TGIM has done for our community. First off it is an indie show, so it is straight from the artist to you. This generally means content is unfiltered, edgy and shot with a passion and with heart, unlike most of the bigger budget pictures in Hollywood. Fort Myers is leading the way now in indie film growth, with projects all over town. SWFL filmmakers know there is an outlet for their films. These works of art are appreciated by the community. Especially when you mix in movies from around the world. The show is a hit. I love it. There is too much more to say about it," says Raddatz. "


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